Sims Medieval Mod (PN)- Nobody Calls Birds But Me

I love the bird hunting feature in the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles, but the bird call sound drives me nuts.  It also drives me nuts that they call the birds, for no reason at all, only to dismiss them in less than a second later…and that they continue to do this repeatedly.  While EA did advertise in-game torture, I don’t think bird calling was supposed to be one of them.

This mod stops inactives from calling birds.  Only the active sim can do this autonomously; unless, of course, the sim player sets free will to low in the options menu.

(If I could have turned off autonomous for the active sim, I would have. Unfortunately, I got ‘no joy’ with all the settings I tried.)


The Download:

This Mod Plays Well With:  Shimrod’s P&N Birds Hunt Treasure Faster (registration required)



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