Sims 3 – The Addams Family Mansion

64 x 64 lot, $197,710 before placement

I must confess, I don’t like building and decorating homes, but my Addams family needed their mansion.  After looking over the only internet blueprint I could find, I discovered that the outside of the house wasn’t a thing like the inside of their house.  I guess this is normal for television homes, but I tried my best to marry the two.  If you download this mansion, you will need to put some ‘love’ into it.  It could use a few torture devices, and things like that, but I will leave that up to your discretion.

The mansion does not require any user-created CC and has been checked over with Custard.  Also, I went into BuyDebug to removed any spawners that might be on the lot.  (I know how those suckers like to multiply.) The mansion only uses expansion pack items, and a few store times.  The only thing that I would consider “important” for the overall look are the windows.  Those are store windows known as “Victorian Double Window”, also found in the Regal Living sets.

(The walk path can be extended to the sidewalk.)

Here are a few pictures of the inside:

The Download File: