Sims 3 SoundKiller Mods – Call Boxes, Simoleons & Hand Clapping

I decided to kill a few random sounds that have been annoying me for some time thanks  to JT’s quickie tutorial on how to kill sounds at the bottom of  his MTS submission.

I have now silenced the Supernatural Call Boxes:

Call Box Silenced

And I’ve also silenced Hand Clapping & Simoleon Transaction Sounds:

clapping and simoleons silenced

A few notes about this random killing:

The call box is kind of creepy silent; but it is less annoying, in my opinion.

The only hand clapping sound I didn’t alter was the wedding hand clapping, because I find it quiet and polite.  With this mod, one cannot hear the sims clap like a bunch of fools…nor can one hear toddlers clap.

As for the simoleons transactions, these are the sounds that are made whenever a person sells something from a sim’s inventory or any other budget transactions found within live mode of the game. (But not the easel, because that was under a different file.  I didn’t silence that one here.)   The simoleon transaction sounds are very noticeable if you ever played with a bunch of sims in a casino; and then, when you add all the hand clapping on top of it–it’s enough to a make a simmer crack!

The Download Files

MB SoundKiller – SN Llama Call Box:

MB SoundKiller – No Simoleon Sounds:

MB SoundKiller – Clapping of the Hands:

All Built with Version 1.50

Resources Modified:

AUDT’s of

ancient_portal (7 files), fx_simoleon (2 files but not the easel one), & hand_clap (3 files, but not the wedding one)



Sims 3 Tuning Mod – No NPCs Performing for Tips

This is just a simple tuning mod I made to rid myself of the annoying Showtime NPCs.  I like to play themed neighborhoods, and the performance sims from the Showtime expansion tend to ruin the mood.  This mod reduces the chance to 0% that a Showtime NPC will perform on a community lot.


“He’s blocking the Stargate, Sir!”

Link to package file:

Built with Version 1.36, Showtime Required

Patch Verified For: 1.36-1.50

Resources Modified: NPCShowManager