Sims 3 – The Addams Family

I’ve had the guilty pleasure of hogging the Addams Family all to myself ever since Supernatural arrived on the scene, and now I am here to make amends by sharing them with you.

Grandmama Addams

Gomez Addams

Morticia Addams (Supernatural: Witch)

Uncle Fester


Wednesday Addams

Pugsley Addams

About the Family:  In my game, I’ve changed up the family links a bit due to Morticia’s wandering eye for Lurch and Uncle Fester.  So you may want to consider making Lurch and Fester her brothers when creating your household.  (Or, hey, you may not; but I warned you.)

The family uses almost all expansion packs in either hair or clothing.  The only exception would be Pugsley’s hair, there is a pattern used on Wednesday’s dress from ModTheSims, and I also used Velocitygrass’s Stencil Remover to take the plastic off their clothes.  I should also probably mention that I play with voice sounds off. You will need to adjust the voices, because I have no idea what they sound like.  No additional sliders were used in the making of these sims.  The files enclosed are .sim files and are ready to be placed in your SavedSims folder.

The Download File:

Links to The CC:

Velocitygrass – Stencil Remover:

Purplepaws – Pattern Pack 3 for Girls:

Rissa – Hair conversion – Andy hair for Sims 3 (all ages):



Sims 3 – Lady from Lady & The Tramp

I didn’t make this, but a dear friend of mine, Kirasuri, did.  She isn’t as psycho about the Sims as I am, and she can be typically found playing lots of other games instead, but I think she did a really awesome job on this sim.  }i{


Link to the Download:  Lady

Sims 3 – SG-1 Sims


I posted these guys elsewhere, but I will place them here, too.

The Stargate SG-1 Team is prepared and ready for adventure in your game!

Teal’C Young 
(I am not sure where I got the last name, but I think it was show-related somewhere.)


Daniel Jackson


Samantha Carter
(a.k.a. Brigadier General Samantha Carter)


Jack O’Neill
(a.k.a. Lieutenant General Jonathan J. “Jack” O’Neill)


About the team: When I made them, I tried to keep to the base game and expansions only.  I believe I was successful.  Teal’C is wearing a Late Night hair, Daniel is wearing a Generations hair, Jack is wearing an Ambitions hair, and Sam is wearing a hidden stylist Ambitions hair. I didn’t have a gold tattoo for Teal’C’s forehead, but the symbolic hair worked for me.  No additional sliders were used when creating any of them.  The files enclosed are .sim files and are ready to be placed in your SavedSims folder.

The Download File:

They are pictured with:

Engram’s [Heart Full Of Love] TS3 Eye Default, which was based off of Yumedust’s Eyelove eyes:

Créa Sims made a “lamp” Stargate:

(But since their site is in French, and since it is kind of hard to find the Stargate even after translating it, here is their Mediafire link: )